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Dear Teacher Mom: I see you

Dear Teacher Mom: I see you

Dear Teacher Mom,

I see you.

When you get reminders that grades are already due for progress reports and you still don't know half the names of your students, I see you.

I see you when judgmental people ask whether you care more for your students than your own kids.

I see you working twelve hours to educate future generations and coming home to raise your own.

I see you grading and putting in lesson plans after you've tucked your own babies in bed.

I see you doubting that you're doing enough as a teacher and as a mother and wishing you could do more. 

When you have a long day but still come home and rock dinner, baths, and bedtime, I see you. 

I see you loving your job but missing your babies everyday. 

I see you using desk calendars, at home calendars, erin condren planners, and google to make sure you don't forget anything. 

I see you still forgetting a meeting or theme day.

I see you on days when mom tired and teacher tired seem pale compared to teacher mom tired. 

Whether you are a veteran teacher and mommy or brand new to this juggling act we call life, I see you. 

I want you to know you are enough, your students and your babies are all better off for having you in their lives, and that you are not alone. 


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