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My ABC's of Thanks

My ABC's of Thanks


The Thanksgiving season is one of my favorite times of year. Family visits, birthdays, the beginning of the holiday season, and a time to focus on all the good in our lives. To end this season I'm writing my ABC's of thanks to help me reflect on all that is good in a world that seems so overwhelmed with negativity. It is such a nice way to lead into the Advent season to prepare for the celebration of Christmas. I hope you do the same! A - I am thankful for the Advent season.

B - I am thankful for Babies. They are always a sign of hope and good.

C - I am thankful for my sisters, my birth and marriage. Chessie and Cheryl have had an influence on my life and it is so much better with them in it.

D - I am thankful for our Dink! He has been the light of my life every single day of his.

E - I am thankful for my sweet nephews Egan and Eli.

F - I am thankful for Fur Babies. Pets make our lives richer by loving us unconditionally their entire lives.

G - I am thankful for Grandparents and Great-Grandparents.

H - I am thankful for Holidays to take time to celebrate and create memories.

I - I am thankful for the Internet that changed everything about the world.

J - I am thankful for my nephew Jagger who is such an amazing example for our boy.

K - I am thankful for Kitchens that bring us all together.

L - I am thankful for Law Enforcement Officers that put their lives on the line to serve and protect their communities.

M - I am thankful for Mothers and especially my own. Those women who put the needs and well being of children above their own.

N - I am thankful for my three Nieces. They are all so different but all so special.

O - I am thankful for Oklahoma my native state.

P - I am thankful for my Peña family who embraced me in ways I had only dreamed of.

Q - I am thankful for the Quiet time I am able to find to reflect, pray, and just be.

R - I am thankful for the Rain. Growing up in tornado alley the rain and storms hold a special place in my heart.

S - I am thankful for Spouses. This year was such an evolving year for marriage in our country and I am thankful for all those who have fought for marriage equality for all.

T - I am thankful for Teachers. Some of the greatest people I know I have met through this profession.

U - I am thankful for Understanding. I truly feel it is the key to so many problems.

V - I am thankful for Veterans who have served and those who continue to choose to serve for their countries.

W - I am thankful for mighty Women. May we support them, love them, raise them, and be them!

X - I am thankful for X-Rays and other medical advances. This a big year for dink and it is all possible thanks to medical advances.

Y - I am thankful for Yesterdays that we are able to enjoy, endure, and leave behind.

Z - I am thankful for Zippers! Silly but Z is hard and besides if you've ever been pregnant you learn to miss them.


Stay tuned this weekend for homemade pralines!!


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